Why Hydrogen?

The lightest element in the periodic table and smallest element in the Universe.
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  1. Hydrogen is #1 in the periodic table.
  2. Hydrogen is the grandfather of life – without hydrogen there is no universe.
  3. Hydrogen is thus natural to our bodies and therefore very safe.
  4. Hydrogen has been the forefront of scientific research, and since 2007, there have been over 1000 studies indicating therapeutic benefits to over 170 different human and animal diseases.
  5. Hydrogen is one of the most powerful antioxidants, as it is not only anti-inflammatory, it neutralizes the most toxic free radicals, maintains the body’s Nrf2-Keap1 pathway, and boosts cell functionality.
  6. T cells are one of the driving forces of your immune system. Countless studies have shown direct correlation with hydrogen consumption and T cell functionality
  7. Studies from the 1940’s showed that deep sea divers who over-inhaled on hydrogen had no adverse side effects.
Deep sea divers inhale hydrogen to prevent decompression sickness
Photo Credit: Sebastian Pena Lambarri

8. In a Nutshell:
When you consume hydrogen, your immune system will likely be stronger than without it. Hydrogen aids your immune system in fighting off the deadliest of diseases. Regardless if the disease is autoimmune or environmental, hydrogen can assist your immune system in combatting any entity that is harmful to your body. *

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* The above information is not intended to heal, treat, cure nor prevent any health issues you may have. Please consult a doctor if you have any pertaining health concerns.

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