Your Adaptive Immune System

White blood cells are your warrior cells. They are the part of the immune system that attack and get rid of viruses and bad bacteria that could harm your body.

T cells are a type of white blood cell. Their main functions are:
1. To kill off other cells that have been infected by viruses or cancer
2. To help B cells, which is another type of white blood cell, to recognize viruses and produce antibodies

T cells have been extensively studied in 2020 and several studies have concluded that T cells aid in fighting off Covid-19.
Simply put, the stronger your T cells are, the better your immunity will be in fighting off Covid-19, as well as cancer and other types of viruses.
Check out this article on T-cells vs. Covid-19.

Hydrogen plays an important role in strengthening your T cells, as many independent research studies have suggested.

Patients with cancer who were on hydrogen saw either a strengthening of their T cells, and/or a reduction in the progression of cancer cells.

Sneak a peak at the various number of health issues that hydrogen has had good results with.

For more information on white blood cells, Loving Biology has a great, concise overview on the roles of white blood cells.

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