About Us

H2 Imperium is a Canadian-based international company that focuses on promoting hydrogen and hydrogen products manufactured by a partner company.

We love educating the public on hydrogen and the potential therapeutic benefits it can have on the human body. Most of the information can be found from The Molecular Hydrogen Institute, and we break down difficult concepts so that anyone without a science degree can understand the core fundamentals of the value of hydrogen therapy.

Hydrogen is a relatively new study since 2007, but not so new that there has not been over 1000 research studies that point towards therapeutic benefits to over 170 different human and animal diseases, including but not limited to cancer, Parkinson’s, diabetes, allergies, inflammatory diseases and neurological diseases. Click here to see a list of independent research studies for some of the conditions.

We are also currently available for speaking engagements on molecular hydrogen. Contact us for scheduling.

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