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Introducing our:


If you are a business and need your employees or sales agents to gain a deeper insight as to how hydrogen can help improve the immune system, we offer a one-hour presentation just for you and your team (maximum of 10 participants).

In addition, you will receive a free follow-up session for another day, where your agents or employees can ask any questions relating to the science of hydrogen. We expect that the first session will be mainly absorption, and questions will only come later after the information has been digested.

The power-pack hour presentation includes topics such as:
– what is the immune system
– the role of T cells and B cells
– free radicals and antioxidants
– hydrogen properties and its role in regards to the immune system

You may be wondering how all that can be packed into an hour of presentation. Good question! The answer is that we’ve spent a lot of time consolidating dense information into simple terms engineered for easy absorption for the layman.
And with the free Q&A session for another day, you can be assured that your knowledge of hydrogen will be nicely boosted.

The price of the Hour-Power Presentation Package is $200 (for both US and Canadian dollars)
Price is $150 if you are paying in Bitcoin.

Sales of our clients have increased about 3x on average after they have attended our sessions.
But don’t take our word for it.

If you have questions, or would like to book the unique Hour-Power Presentation Package, please reach us through our contact form.

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